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I was thinking what to write about first in my brand new blog and I figured that listing some websites/webapps/services I use daily or I can't really imagine my tech life without might be just the right idea! Hopefully some will find this article useful, maybe I'll start a new addiction for you! Feel free to click on the images of the services at any time to visit their pages.



#1 Product Hunt

First on the list has to be Product Hunt.. I just can't live without this website. It's the number one source for inspiring products, interviews, websites, web apps, everything new that's going on online, in the product world + they recently added a Games tab that focuses on new games, special games, cool games, so that's pretty awesome as well. Don't forget to check collections for some pretty sweet packs.



#2 Designer News

This is a close contender for the first place. If Product Hunt is the number one resource for everything product, DN has to be the number one resource for everything new in design, compelling discussions, interviews, inspirational links and much more. Another great website I'd miss if it'd disappear.


#3 Reddit

Now this might not be for everyone, since it's basically a "forum"/"discussion board" type of website, but I personally spend more time on Reddit than I do on Facebook or any other social network I signed up for. It might feel very confusing at first but once you discover some great subreddits you'll slowly start falling in love with this service. Just to note some interesting subreddits to push you in: /r/macapps , /r/tattoos , /r/web_design , /r/graphic_design , /r/anormaldayinrussia


#4 Niice

If you ever feel like Google just doesn't cut it when it comes to finding nice images, inspirating art/design pieces or just generally food for moodboards you need to try Niice! It's the best search engine for creative content, try searching by colour, technique, style and you'll be surprised how well and Niicely this thing works. + You can also create moodboards right on it, online!


#5 DA & Screenings

Don't call me a cheater for adding two entries under one number! These two services are actually quite similar, both in terms of content and layout. Documentary Addict, as the name suggests is a perfect way to discover cool new documents (usually from indenpendent sources). And Screenings on the other hand is a good way of discovering design related videos. Keep on learning!


#6 Treehouse

Speaking of learning... Wheter you wanna learn HTML, CSS.. or something more complicated like Node.js, PHP, Game development or anything from any other category, including actual classes on design for the web! Definitely head to Treehouse, every course consists of videos with tutors, quizes, tests and real exercises. $9 a month if you're a student, only thing you have to do is send in the student confirmation ;-)


7# Panda

I was never a fan of setting some ultra complicated or thorough homepages for my browser, I usually just kept my browser set to open a _blank window when I start it or when I open a new app. But Panda definitely changed that. You can download an extension for Chrome/Firefox or just set http://usepanda.com/app/ as your homepage. What Panda does is combine some of the best sources to give you a summarized page with inspirational, educational and interesting content. Pulling in data from Dribble, Behance or whatever you pick from the dropdown, as well as Designer News, Product Hunt, Hacker News and other news services (again in the dropdown). Really handy!


#8 Github

Whether it's the next big website you're working on, or your small personal site, you need GitHub, you just do. There's no better way of versioning, backing up, sharing and working with code than through GitHub. + You can also host your static website on GitHub for free! The only thing you need is a domain and you save up on hosting costs if you don't need a dynamically updated website (just HTML/CSS/JS). If anyone is interest in a guide on how to do that, definitely leave a comment, I'll write it up even for just one person!


#9 Hype Machine

Spotify is cool and all, I'm gladly paying for it and I love it but when it comes to discovering new artists and music in general it's a little short. Especially in the indie scene. If you like your music artists unknown and yet not famous, while exploring some really cool tunes, definitely check out Hype Machine, it's free, and if you spend a little dime ($3) on the mobile app you can Hype on your phone which is great!


#10 Film Hunt

Sometimes you just wanna relax and watch a movie, tired from all the work, learning or whatever have you been up to. Ain't nobody got time fo searching through the vast databases of iMDB or reading reviews if that particular film is even worth watching. If you know what genre you want, hit Film Hunt and it will pull you a list of the best movies in that genre in between your chosen years, happy watching!

There's never really enough space in articles like these, I could still actually continue supplying some cool websites I use, but since I said TOP 10 and I keep my promise, I won't. But in case you enjoyed this and you would like to discover even more websites, feel free to comment and I'll think about doing a follow-up article.. Otherwise, stay tuned for "Top 10 Mac apps I couldn't live without" some time soon.