So.. I've decided to ditch Wordpress since it's monstrous and horrible and slow as fock and move the blog to Anchor CMS, I've been fiddling with it for the past hour and I got a basic theme coded up, there's still a lot of work to be done for it to be polished and all fully working, but all previously submitted articles are accesible and readable :-)

I mainly switched to AnchorCMS for it being open source, simple and streamlined as opposed to Wordpress which is a bloated piece of junk. It's also a logical step since I'd like to have the front of my website (the official part that you'll arrive to when visiting be connected to the same backend as the blog, and I can do that so much more easily with Anchor then WP. It might not be the last stop though since I'm still looking at other possibilities, also very much liking Kirby which actually looks bloody amazing as well so next weekend I might move to that lol.. but that won't affect anything since the biggest problem was to move away from wordpress - a Anchor > Kirby transition would be easy.

It's just a precaution for my sanity :-) I'll fix all up in a week max, but it's usable and working for now. Talk laters!


// Just testing code highlighting stuff for future articles.
if (5 = 5){
// do shit
// do other shit