As I predicted I used this weekend to work on converting everything to Kirby CMS and moving it to this beautiful flat file content management system. It took some learning but now I can add Kirby to my portfolios of knowledge :-) I've had to recode some of my stuff from Anchor to fit with this CMS, there still some hickups here and there but it works maybe even better than with Anchor right now.

I really emerged custom post CSS/JSS so I'll be able to do art-directed blog posts ! Having a flat file CMS also feels absolutely awesome. Not having to stress about databases is amazing and everything is much more straightforward, simple and FAST, the whole website is like the definition of FAST now. If there's any issues you notice apart from the older article missing images, feel free to hit me up in comments or elsewhere since I might have overlooked something. Responsive version is not yet coded.

I changed up and finished up the blog theme for now, I feel like I can always come back to it anyway. Expect another article in the middle of the week, I'm in the mood for some writing :-)

If you wanna check out Kirby CMS your self head to and grab your self the trial version. Personal license is 17$ and the pro license 89$!